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Look upon and welcome them with an open mind, and an open heart, the three crosses you will soon see upon your path to awakening. For they are no longer sorrowful. Because of Christ’s resurrection they are here today for your happiness. They will awaken you from your dream. You will see with your newly opened eyes, and feel with your now opened heart, the God within you.

When you chose to travel your destined path, your journey will move you through forests, soar you over majestic mountains, and traverse you across abundant open plains. Adventures and glories await you.

And then one day, a day that starts out just as the day before, something amazing will happen. A knowing will come upon you, almost as if in a vision; your first cross will appear on your path just off to the left. The left cross for you to witness, and then transcend above, is the cross of male. The left brain and mind of conforming ego society. Seeing only what is physical. Believing in separation from all.

If you are not captured by this cross, and search further, one day on your continued journey the second cross will appear upon your path. It will as the first cross appear suddenly and unexpected, as if a vision. This time however it will appear before you on the right side of your path. It is the cross of female mind. It is the cross of the mind of the holistic right brain. The mind that now reveals to you the unity in all of life. The connection of you to others on the path.

If you do not stay here, but continue on your path, remaining true to finding the third cross, it will one day appear directly, and ever so clearly in front of you. The third cross is no longer off your path. It is now your journey’s end. It sits within the beauty of the Lillie’s. You find now that you, and your path are now one, and have always been one. You have a path to travel that will, if you stay in the Lord, [the Law] if you follow the Light, will take you, then meld you eternally into the third cross of life.

You will now be on your true path, where you will neither wander, right nor left of the cross, but stay one with it. Here you will live the cross of your new birth, your resurrection from the physical to the eternal.

Your man mind: the dreaming mind that believed in separation from God, believed in lack, has awakened. The dream of earthly separation from God, is no more.

You awaken today to a world of abundance. Ask and ye shall receive. You are now safe, no longer in the dream state of separation from all. For when you awake, darkness is displaced by the light. The light of the Lord. The Light of the now recognized God within you. Only Light can displace the dark.

You are now an open cross. An open channel through which the magnificent, effortless creation of Christ now flows into your life. Christ now flows in and around you and manifests your Heaven on earth. You are still here: but now awake. You and Christ now work in seamless harmony. As one being, manifest your purpose, and your life. All goodness and abundance now effortlessly flows through you. As long as you remain in the Lord [the Law] of creation, you live forever in peace, happiness and in abundance for ever more, back in the Light of Creation.

The three crosses have melded into one. Goodness and mercy will now be with you for your eternal life.

In peace,

Steve Monahan

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