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What is Grace?

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I am  a Mentor and Guide. Ten years ago; through the life force of Grace: the power of thought, expectation and allowing I survived a terminal illness. Told I had but a few months to live, I turned my thoughts in a new direction. I tapped into the eternal source and allowed Grace into my life, and into my ill  body. By my beliefs and by allowing I came to emotionally sense and then physically see the powers, of what I see now as  the 3 horses of Grace. Summoned by your will, they take you wherever you choose to travel upon this earth.

We have been taught that we are unworthy of unconditional love and abundance. We have been taught that by no power of our own, Grace either comes into our life;  or it does not. As if some capricious whim of luck.

Nothing is further from the truth. For Grace is our birthright. We came here to create beauty from a world of physical abundance. We create it by understanding the power within us and about us. And Grace is the power we summon to create the life we chose to become.

Al we need is to understand this and align our thinking,  our energy, and our intentions. Grace will appear. The 3 horses of Grace are here to carry us through this life,  in all their majesty and Grace.

You have the power. Summon it in all its abundance and magnificence.  There is nothing that you cannot achieve if you but believe.

I know without a doubt that I am  alive today; ten years later because of the power of unconditional trust in the source of all abundance and Grace. I have seen the laws of  the Universe and the power of Grace in action.

Understanding what I now know, I teach others, who are open to life, to learn and then apply these laws to allow abundance and Grace to ride  into their lives.

If you are open and ready to access your birthright of Grace and abundance, drop us a note.

If you are open and ready to access your birthright of Grace and abundance, drop us a note.

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Steve Monahan a 12-year national animal welfare leader. Founder of Green Pets America Charities and Black Dog For 12 years Steve ran a death row rescue. Steve has been recognized by the State Senate of Georgia for humanitarian service to Georgia's animals and pet families in need.

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