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Something Missing From Your Life?

Do you feel something is missing in your life? If you do then, please read on.

First lets talk about the concept of who you feel that you are. You believe that you are your “Ego”. What is an ego?  Your  Ego is a patchwork quilt that you have sewn together. Each panel represents a belief or value or opinion that you believe. These beliefs, value and opinions came from your family, friends, society, movies, TV, etc., and from thoughts you developed from all these sources.

People think the Ego is bad. It is not bad, it just is a patchwork of who you think you are. When someone asks – who are you? – You show them a piece of your quilt and say this is me. You may show the piece that shows you as a mother or a father, or an American or an Italian, or a Christian or a Buddhist. Or as a man or a woman, or a teacher or fireman, an intellect or a surfer. But the truth is this; this beautiful quilt that you have sewn together is not you.

As beautiful or as worn as it may be…You are much more. You are the entity that is wearing the quilt, but you are not the quilt.

So who are you? That is the question you must ask. And that is the answer you must find.

Your goal in this life is to find out who you are, why you are here and what your personal Teleology is. Until you find your personal Teleology you will continue to occupy yourself with busyness. You will continue to search and you will continue to have the feeling that there must be more, and that there is something missing from your life.

And, the truth is there is something missing from your life. And what is missing? it’s you the real you, not the patchwork quilt of you.

Teleology butterfly PNG 851x315

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