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Embracing Natural Wisdom in a Volatile World

The Nature of Business

The transformational times in our midst demand that organisations redesign for resilience in order to flourish in the volatile times ahead.

nature sustainability

The most important challenge facing leaders, strategists and operational managers in these times is a shift in logic from the out-dated mind-set of mechanistic, reductive, quantised, atomised, silo’ed, command-and-control thinking to a logic inspired by and in harmony with Nature that allows us to thrive during uncertainty by opening up to emerging futures through co-creativity, networking and reciprocity. Nature’s patterns, processes and inherent grammar display a universal wisdom that we’d do well to attune to.


We now know that life is neither innately selfish nor driven by dog-eat-dog competition. Nature is a rich interplay of reciprocity, networking, cooperation and competition. The evolutionary diversification of life is a dynamic process of co-creative influence, over vastly differing scales from microcosm to macrocosm.Whether it be at the places, products, processes, people…

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