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1. Do not drink any soda -regular or diet – or Fruit Drinks for 30 days 

All soda and fruit drinks carry enormous amounts of sugar that convert quickly to fat. The average American drinks 53 gallons of soda a year; if its regular soda, that comes to about 49 pounds of sugar. Soda is loaded with caffeine, high-fructose corn syrup and calories. In addition to contributing to weight gain, soda increases your risk of diabetes.

2. Cut your portion at lunch and dinner to half  .

Cut you lunch and dinner portion but keep your breakfast portion as usual as a healthy breakfast is a must to help your lose weight. Over the years, portions have become larger making it easy to consume excess calories. Very Important – do not eat any sweets for breakfast. The sugar rush will make you hungry by 10 am and screw up your chances of making it to lunch without a snack.

3. Eat Protein and Fruits & Veggies daily 

Very important – please make sure half of each of the 3 meals you eat daily is filled with fruits and colorful veggies. Eating fresh or frozen high-fiber green vegetables and fruit is an easy way to make your metabolism work harder.  Surprisingly fresh healthy foods also reduce your cravings for unhealthy foods. Additionally your body burns twice as many calories by digesting proteins than it does when digesting fiber and carbs. Add a bit more protein to your diet with two fish-based meals per week. Packed with protein, fish, such as salmon, halibut or anchovies  contains omega-3 fatty acids, which increase fat-burning enzymes in the body.

4. Totally eliminate Artificial Sweeteners 

Artificial sweeteners are frequently found in many reduced-calorie foods, processed products, and diet or decaffeinated drinks. Study after study connects artificial sweeteners to weight gain. Whenever you eat, your body is genetically programmed to expect healthy calories in a meal, but it’s not getting them when you eat zero-calorie sweeteners. You end up craving more, and eating more food to feel full.

5. Do 45 minutes of aerobic exercise 7 days a week for 30 days.

Walk briskly or bicycle outside –  or use a treadmill or rower inside. The key is to get your heart pumping at 65% of your maximum heart beat for your age. Even if you mess up a day or two on your eating you will drop weight if you do cardio for only 30 to 45 minutes for this 30 day period. Remember please check with your doctor before starting a cardio- exercise program if you are not active already.

Try these 5 simple rules for 30 days

You will lose pounds and feel better

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