Animal Welfare
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Are You a Visionary and a Doer?

 “If you have vision, you see exactly what we see before us. It’s the future of animal welfare in America, just across the horizon. Now, open your heart, you will see it even closer and clearer”

green shelters america

If you see it then you are one of us…the Visionaries, the Dreamers, and the Doers of life.

We are the ones that see Hope in a hopeless world.  We see before us clearly the unity of all, where others see only separated fragments.

We have found inner peace in a world of constant outer war. We see all around us love in a world without love. We look to the future not the past. We live in each moment of time. We plant trees we will never enjoy the shade of. We see love in the face of a puppy. Hope in the eyes of a child.

We know everything is possible to achieve. We are the connectors and the emissaries to the future world. We feel pain and hurt but know that is how we grow and learn. We know the days are brighter ahead despite the turmoil we see and know may come. We are the roar of the Lion, the flight of the eagle, the warmth of the sun and the flow of the waters.

We are creators. We bend with the wind and spring back when it passes. We flow eternal. We flow strong and steady around and over the rocks. We persevere the set backs and storms and we grow in strength. With damaged wings we soar high above the fray. With broken hearts we overflow with love for all.

We are beyond the flesh, immortal, made of visions and dreams. The architects and the builders of a higher world just beyond the horizon. For we are the dreamers and the doers.

Our current animal sheltering system is terribly broken. We kill 11,000 health family cats and dogs in our shelters every 24 hours of every day. Our organization for 10 years has worked within this broken system. The futility of it is apparent. We are applying bandages to an open unstopable wound. We can no longer operate within this system. We must change the system, A higher more humane animal sheltering model is just beyond the horizon. Be part of that future. Be a part of Green Shelters America.

If you share our Vision and want to change, not just tweak the current system, then join with us and become a member of Green Shelters America

green shelter

We love to learn. Please share your thoughts on this subject?

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