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With three months to live – I turned to Faith

SteveMonahan Round

Although it has been ten years now I can still hear the Doctors words ringing in my ears every morning…”You have about three months to live. Every day when I awake…still here…I repeat his words. Why? – because every morning that I awake I feel blessed. And remembering his words daily; no matter what happens that day, I take it all with a grain of salt and never let anyone or anything upset me.  Life is a magical gift to be enjoyed and savored each day.

We humans are very complex. We have the capacity for great love but also the capacity for great hate. We have the capacity to do acts of valor and acts of horror as well. When I was a very young child my dad brought home a little black puppy he found abandoned while working his night shift. He gave it to me and I named it Lady.

It was a kind act on his part. As I said we humans can show great acts of kindness. My dad and I also had a very distant relationship. To this day I still hear his voice saying one night, “I wish you were never born”.

When I was about 8 years old I made a conscious decision to walk away from him. I put my heart in a box to protect it from further hurt and emotionally, not physically left him behind.

Fast forward 50 years and my story continues.  Out of the blue I became sick. And for two years I visited specialist after specialist. I had enough nuclear dye injected into me from special X ray tests to light up Atlanta for a month; yet specialist after specialist could not find out what was shutting my body down. My organs were dying. First my liver, then kidneys, then heart and so on. I had lost a third of my body weight. Family and friends put on a good face, but I could see the pain and fear in their eyes. Finally after two 2 years of lugging myself from one hospital and doctor to the next my primary care doctor said they could not uncover what was shutting my body down. We talked more and then I finally got up the nerve and asked him. Am I dying? The answer was blunt – yes – and unless something amazing occurs you have a few months to live.

I was to say it mildly, stunned. But being a life long optimist my mind screamed there must be another way! Another answer!  Despite what everyone told me I had faith that a healing would occur and that I would live. Faith gives us hope. And hope gives us life. The first thing that came to mind was alternative healing. I have been a practitioner of Zen philosophy and so I know the energy power available within and around us to heal our emotional feelings of dis-ease. But would faith and this unseen energy also heal physical disease as well.

Here are words on faith from one of the world’s most brilliant minds, Leo Tolstoy.

“I understood that faith is not merely “the evidence of things not seen. Faith is the strength of life. If a man lives he believes in something. If he did not believe that one must live for something, he would not live. Without faith man cannot live. For man to be able to live he must either not see the infinite, or have such an explanation of the meaning of life as will connect the finite with the infinite.”

So with 3 months left I turned to Faith, and a miracle…I had nothing else.
It was then that I remembered a woman I met at a cocktail party one year earlier who told me she was a healer, particularly a medical intuitive. I had her card and gave her a call.

This video is the story of the unseen power of Infinite Faith and what happened next: 


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