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What Do I want?

man afloat

men afloat

It seems we want to know and control everything. But we cannot control anything but our reaction to that which occurs. Yes we can “intend” to make happen. But what I intend to make happen and what I “will” to make happen in my life, does not always happen. 

Seems we have to accept  the paradox of control and total un-control as part of living. 

We do not want to let go – but what are we holding onto when nothing is permanent and everything changes? 

I know from experience that at times I must allow life to happen and must leave the door open for the unknown to make its presence. I know that I must let go at times and allow the door into the dark to magically swing open. 

Why because that is where new life and where the most important things come from; where I came from; where you came from and probably where we will go back to from this moment we call “here”.   

When I know what I want my controlling mind thinks it’s in charge of my life. But, then when I do not know what I want it is because I have entered my heart, my spirit side that wants to be in it’s domain of freedom and searching.

Perhaps our knowing what we want one day – and the next not knowing is just part of the process of controlling and allowing life to manifest itself within and around us..

We love to learn. Please share your thoughts on this subject?

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