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The Number 1 Way to Succeed in Business



A client that I mentor is a Wealth Manager. And he is a good one. By that I mean he is technically skilled, knows his business, helps his clients achieve financial success, cares about them and builds great relationships with those he works with.

Yet despite how good he is as a Wealth Manager people will at times not follow his good recommendations and strategies. They come to him for financial advice. He prepares a well thought out strategy to follow to grow their wealth, or get out of debt… and guess what? Many do not follow it! Why? Because they must change something to get the results they want. And they simply won’t change. Why? Because people hate to change. People want different results but won’t do something that changes their current patter of living.

“Honestly, do you fight change or embrace it?”

What people seem to want today is a quick easy fix. People want a magic bullet or a secret sauce formula to success.

Einstein said that insanity is doing the same thing – but expecting different results.

By that definition, many people are functionally insane…walking around wanting to loose weight but won’t stop eating. Wanting wealth but won’t work for it. Wanting happiness but working themselves to death. Wanting success but won’t stop watching TV and playing video games instead of going back to school or working smarter not harder.

As a Life and Business Change Coach I learned early on to spend my time coaching only those who really want to change their life style, or succeed in their business. And that means only taking on clients who are motivated to make hard choices to succeed and reach their goal. I only mentor and coach clients who are willing to change what needs to change to get different results than the poor results they are presently getting now.

I have learned that when it comes to solving our problems, most of the time, deep down inside, we know what must be done. It’s the very thing we are avoiding. It’s the change that we consciously, or perhaps unconsciously do not want to make.

My experience with clients is that they want different results – but they do not want to change what they are presently doing to achieve those results. They have to change what they are doing…but when it gets to where the rubber meets the road, they just won’t do it.

How can you change your circumstances without changing what’s causing them? It is so obvious yet only half of the people I have an initial consultation with will actually agree to make the hard changes necessary to get the results they want.

I really enjoy helping people change and grow. So much so that I will not take on a new client… even if she or he will pay me… that cannot convincingly answer yes to my first coaching client screening question.

What is that critical question for me to know before I invest my time and talent with someone? The question is.

“Are you willing to change what you’ve been doing to get different results?

If the answer is no, then I tell them that I am not a Genie or Magician and we are not a good fit. I wish them good luck…and Gods speed on their journey to Stucksville. I’m being a bit flippant right now, but the honest truth to life is if you won’t change you will always be stuck right where you are. Life is change. I of course do this nicely and with compassion, for I really understand how hard it is for people to really change. I had to nearly die before I changed my Type “A” personality to that of living a balanced simple life. So as much as I want to help people change their lives, the truth is, in the end it is best that we not waste each other’s time and money, talking about necessary changes, when they have no intention of doing them.

In conclusion, If you want your clients to succeed, find out up front if they are willing to do what it takes to succeed. If they say yes, and will make the changes necessary to succeed, then work with them. If they are not yet ready to make the required changes look for someone who is truly ready for success.

Life is too short to waste it doing things that you don’t enjoy doing.

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