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When will you stop feeling you’re not good enough or doing enough?


Why as much as you help others, do you feel you are not doing enough to save the planet, or the animals, or the children or wherever it is where your passion lives?

Why are you afraid to let the world know who you really are?

Why are you afraid to tell the world what you really feel?

Why, as creative and brilliant as you are, do you not feel creative enough?

Why, with as much as you know, do you feel you need to know more?

Why do you praise others, yet never praise yourself enough?

Why when you know life’s mystery do you  keep seeking more?

Why do you serve others, but neglect your child within?

Why do you forgive others, but won’t forgive yourself?

Yet, despite your believed shortcoming you still love the world and all in it.

Yet despite no answers, you still live with faith.

Why without feeling you deserve it, do you live with Grace?

Why without knowing why, do you have hope for a better world?

Why despite seeing hell all around, do you still believe in heaven?

Why, despite seeing injustice, you still believe in justice?

Life is a mystery, and you are part of that mystery.

Guess you’ll have to get to the end to learn the answers.

Till then live in the moment, receive the grace you have somehow earned, continue to savor each day for the answers you have;  love the perfection you are, and take praise for the help you bring to others each day; even without knowing you are doing it.


Steve Monahan is an author, life coach and “outside the box thinking” business marketing strategist.

He is a prior senior corporate executive, then entrepreneur, author, animal welfare leader and founder of ZIG or

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