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Game of Thrones – Life Imitates Art

Game of Thrones

I enjoy the HBO show Game of Thrones. Perhaps because it reminds me of my years in Corporate America. In Game of Thrones, as in corporate America there is continual jockeying for position, for control, or influence. Now no one in business gets killed off physically, but sometimes the mental and emotional happenings feel just as deadly at times.

What does this have to do with marketing strategies you may wonder? Well, whether you own your own business or have a corporate career you can learn from Game of Thrones. The marketing lesson in Game of Thrones is to be careful who you align yourself with. Whether it be joint ventures or individual clients be very careful that you and they share the same values. If you have different values someone is going to get hurt sooner or later

In my case my peers and I felt we were the Kingdom’s Generals. The General Manager’s of an International Organization.

We thought we were invincible. The Rulers of the Kingdom. The protectors of the Throne.

Well one day the Kingdom collapsed and the Generals were executed one by one.

What happened? The weak link it seems was the King himself.

He had surrounded himself with smart young MBA’s who changed the culture of the Kingdom.

The MBA’s focused on procedures and rules, not service. They focused on ROI ,not the needs of a changed market. They played defense, not offense. They tried to grow by reducing costs.

Seems, sometimes the weak link is not at the bottom, or the middle but the top!

Sometimes the weakest link is the King or Queen!

What Game of Thrones are you a part of. Is the Queen or King in touch… or are they wearing no clothes, even though his court jesters are telling him he looks marvelous…absolutely marvelous darrrrhlingggg?

The Game of Thrones has changed today. Everything is upside down. What used to be safe is risky. What used to be risky is now the better strategy.

Is aligning your career and your life with a corporate Queen or King the best strategy today? Or is it time for you to go out and create your own Kingdom or Queen…dom?

Getting executed was the best thing that ever happened to me. A quick death of your ego is better than a slow corporate death of your soul.

“You are better off without an ego, but you can never be happy without a soul”

After I was executed I started my own Kingdom. And lo and behold I made more bushels of money that working for the old King. I went from 6 figures to 7 figures. For 20 years I thought I could never make more for myself than from The King. I was brainwashed and selling myself short.

Selling stocks short is a good strategy, but selling yourself short is a lousy one.

If you are working for a King that’s not as smart as you, then maybe its time to get up on your steed and ride off to a new and better life. Start your own business and be your own King of Thrones.


Steve Monahan is an author and “outside the box thinking” business marketing strategist.

He is a prior senior corporate executive, then entrepreneur and now author and CEO of ZIG or

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