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Want to find the joy, happiness and passion you had when young, but lost somewhere through life?

Are you seeking the joy you once had for life when you were very young?

When I reached my late 40’s something shifted in me. I realized that although I had achieved all the material things we are taught to seek in life I was not happy. It took two years of reflection on what to do but finally I realized that if I stayed doing what I was doing I would lose my soul. My heart was telling me that I had one chance to change. So despite a very high income and having reached the pinacle of success I jumped from the mountain and I left the soul numbing, restrictive; follow the rules corporate world, to find the freedom and joy I had lost along the way to the mountain top. For a period things went very well and life was coming back into me.  But a few years into my new life things suddenly were turned upside down and inside out. I became very ill and after months of tests Doctors told me my body was shutting down and I had but a few months to live. My heart was diseased and they would have to remove the outside of it if I were to have any chance of surviving. The odds were only 20% that I could survive the surgery.

Fate had a different idea however and through the risky and difficult operation, I was healed. I was given a second chance at life. After recovery I realized I had a blank slate before me.

The odd problem however was I was no longer the person I used to be. I had the amazing opportunity to be totally free, to start over and build a new more spiritually alive life. I had no clue however just how to become that person I wanted to become. But by studying every religion, every psychology and every path to enlightenment I finally found out who I was and why I and all of us are here. I learned and traveled the 7 levels to enlightenment. Since awakening  I now experience this world in a different light. The light of creation. An awakening all are destined in this life, or the next incarnation to be one with

From my personal awakening I have learned that when we focus more on others and less on our self: when we learn that we are all connected and harming another harms us;  when we learn that life is change and we must embrace each days change; when we have reverence for the mystery and beauty of life; when we create and do not destroy and when we learn to seek not love from others but be love to all;  then and only then will we find the joy we seek in this life.

If I have come to know anything, it’s that while much of life is unknowable, life has a purpose and can be lived each day with passion. I know now that our ultimate reason for being in this life of miracles is to find our calling, create something of value for ourselves and for others, live abundantly in spirit each day and seek to serve our creator we will then experience the bliss and joy we once had and seek now again.

If we can awaken in this life we will never have to come back to experience the lessons of this life. We will then be one with the One and we will be eternal creation and eternal joy.


Steve Monahan

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