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Are We Human beings or Human doings?

 da Vinci picture

We call ourselves human beings. What if we thought of ourselves however as human doings.

A Human being is a noun. A human doing is a verb.  What if you thought of yourself as a verb instead of noun.

What if we all thought of our-selves as humans that are action beings. And, not as humans, that are a thing?

How would that change our world?   What instead of rating ourselves for who we are, we rated ourselves on what we do?

Pompous leaders who simply were nouns, that did nothing would no longer be looked up to.

Leaders however who were action people, who were verbs, who actually did something helpful for others would be looked up to instead.

Are you a being or a doing, a noun or a verb?

Do you focus on doing good things?

Or do you focus on status, just wanting to BE someone?


We love to learn. Please share your thoughts on this subject?

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