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Marketing – Your Brand is YOU


Your business is a reflection of YOU. People associate your integrity, actions and beliefs with your service or your product. If you have a good product, but you are not reliable, or trust-worth, or always complaining instead of praising, then as good as your product is your customers will stop buying from you.

I go to a coffee shop in my area a few times a week to meet with clients for my business or volunteers for my non-profit. The owner loves coffee so he started a coffee shop. The problem is he is not a “people person”. He yells at his employees and is more on his computer than greeting and talking with customers. Frankly he is tense and you feel tense around him. So you ask why we go there. Because he’s the only coffee shop in that immediate area. But, as soon as a new shop opens his customers will leave.

He is his BRAND. And sadly his brand is named “Grumpy” I prefer “Happy”

He thinks his coffee is his brand, or his shop ambience is his brand.

But as I preach each day…in a one person business YOU, more than your product are your BRAND.

What is his brands one sentence message” It’s, we hate people but love coffee”

It should be “We love people and we love Coffee”




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