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How Color Affects Purchasing Decisions

Get into your customers heads. Help them with their buying decisions.

Arkady Khazin

colors Most people are reasonable and they tend to behave rationally, especially when it comes to making buying decisions. Rationality is a uniquely human trait and it is our major strength. However, even our rational minds can be manipulated quite easily.

There are plenty of little things that influence us on a subconscious level. We usually do not pay attention to them, but those nuances can affect our purchasing behavior.

The shopper’s decisions are affected by lots of various factors. Background music, aromas floating in the air, the brightness of lights and colors – all this accompanies the shopper at every step. Here is where the colors play a major role in tricking our brains.

Everyone knows that the bigger and brighter the signs are, the greater the chance that they will get noticed. That may help retailers bring people into their stores. The choice of interior colors is also critical…

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