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The World Has Changed and It’s Not Going To Be More of the Same

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George Bernard Shaw observed that all progress in the world depends on unreasonable people, for they are the ones who try to change the world, while reasonable people simply adapt to it.

In the seminal best seller, Age of Unreason  Charles Handy stated that technology had launched an era of wrenching discontinuous change that would transform every aspect of work and society.

 With discontinuance change there is no longer a patter to follow. It has been rendered obsolete…discontinued !

To adapt and then to eventually move forward we must create our own life and society without the old continued change being the same old pattern of change, but newer change. We have to adapt to change now being unknown change. Not a continuation of the old;  just bigger or faster change. All patterns are broken now. New ways must be devised.

 The current problem for society, as Mr. Handy wrote in his other groundbreaking book Gods of Management, a seminal book on leadership in society and business, is that the technology age and needed changes in education, the economy, and the values of people have not been mirrored by a corresponding change in corporate cultures and leadership styles appropriate for the radically changed new world we are now living on.

The Agrarian age shifted radically into the industrial age. The industrial age has now radically shifted into the technology and information age. Each shift was not a change or improvement but a radical new age, that totally within 50 years time made the previous thinking and ways of living obsolete. Great eruptions and changes occurred. We never went back to the previous age. We are now in the past 10 years seeing how radical the shift from Industrial Age to Technology Information Age is totally changing our society.

Those in government and industry expecting a transition back to how it was in the 50’s through late 90’s will be sorely disappointed. Things do not go backwards. When something totally new comes along; when the new Genie emerges from the bottle he never goes back into the bottle.

The World Has Shifted and it’s not going to be more of the same. Follow our blog for the tools you will need to navigate in our new Creative Age.

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  1. Bud Kulesza CMA CFM says

    Excellent points for all of us engaged in making things better than when we find them. Thanks Bud


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