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Has The Butterfly Effect Changed Your Life Forever?

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One day back I do not know when; you set out on your journey, being pulled forward yet not knowing where you wanted to go to. At first you were surrounded by family and friends and so you just followed with the pack. It was easy and you were happy.

Then one day your good friends and family, before you were even aware of it, all chose different roads to travel. It was then that you knew that it was your time to choose a road as well. But you wondered, what road, where is the road and where will it lead?

So you aimlessly wander for a while and suddenly you come across two roads. They both lead into a dense woods so you cannot see where either one ends, or what the travel will be like. One road seems well-traveled. The other less worn and less traveled. Most people it seems have traveled the road to the left. The road to the left therefore seems perhaps the easiest road to get you to your destination; although ironically you still do not know your destination, or can see it. You think you know where you want to go but as yet are still unsure. You think it must be safer to travel the road most others set out on.

You have not realized yet the Butterfly Effect of life. That while traveling the road one divergence in the woods can take you off on a completely different journey and destination. One chance decision, one chance encounter can change the course of your life. You remember the old Sage you once met when you first started your journey who told you: “There is a Butterfly Effect to life and to this world. Every small event has an important and course changing impact in life – Change one thing and change everything”. You still do not know what the old Sage meant by that, but you feel you may find it out one day.

You think about which road to take and look now to the road to the right. That road seems hardly worn. Most people it seems did not choose it. Why did they not choose it you wonder, yet you have no answer. You look again and see that although like the road to the left you cannot see far down the road and therefore do not know where it will take you; you see that it appears to lead up a mountain. You assume it must be a more difficult road to travel. A road that may not get you quickly to your, as yet unknown destination. You still don’t know where you want to be in life but you want to be there now, not later.

You also feel the road to the right will be less traveled and not take you where the crowd is. You don’t know why but you feel safer if you travel with the crowd than with just a few. You are afraid to travel using your own gut instincts and feel the road up the mountain, harder to navigate and slower to your yet unknown destination has too much risk. But something still haunts you. Why can you not easily choose the road more traveled to the road less traveled? Why can you not just go straight and not climb the mountain. You stay frozen in thought for what seems like minutes. Then minutes turn into hours, then days, then weeks. Suddenly minutes frozen in time are now years. You are still looking, not knowing which road to choose. You look around and awaken to really see for the first time some of the travelers standing besides you. Travelers who seemed minutes ago young like you are now old; yet they stand there like you afraid, not sure which road to choose. You realize they missed their opportunity to travel one of the two roads both named Life. So you decide to take the chance and choose the road to travel. Which road do you choose?

Questions to Ponder:

  1. Have you experienced making what seemed to be a simple decision at the time turn out to be a life changing decision? 
  1. Have you ever come to the fork in the road where you had two roads to take?
  2. What was the result? Any regrets? 
  1. Do you have an easy time or hard time making decisions? 
  1. Did you make life decisions with less worry earlier in life than today? 
  1. Do you second guess your decisions or never look back? 
  1. What has this lesson made you realize about yourself?



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