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What is Life? – Life is Feelings

woman energy force 

All humans and animal life are mortal. All material forms come into being, then change form and go out of being as they assume a new form.

Humans, animals and nature look different and act different. None has the exact DNA.

Yet the one constant in humans and animals and I believe all material life forms is all have feelings.

Feelings are the unifying energy thing among us all.

We all feel the lower levels of energy we call feelings such as Apathy, Anger, Fear, Rage, Sadness.

And we all are capable of feeling the higher energies of Happiness, Forgiveness, Compassion, Joy, Love and Absolute Passion.

I believe therefore that who and what we and all life is, is Feelings.

Feelings are immortal, Material Life is mortal.

As Feelings we are immortal.

As material we are mortal.

We are therefore mortal and immortal

steve monahan, www.stevemonahan.me

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