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Story & Soul of a Baby Boomer


I am a Baby Boomer so my soul has traveled a long and winding road * The seasons of my life have been as different as the seasons of the earth. Each season bringing growth, decay and change for the better or the worse. I barely survived the transition from autumn to the now winter of my life. But from that three-year life and death struggle I learned my most important lessons on living…and on dying. What doesn’t kill you makes you better is more than a saying…it is truth.

One constant in my life has been experiencing human natures continual fighting for something. Every war we have fought during my baby boomer lifetime the “something” is different. I was born one year before the end of World War II in 1945. I lived through the Korea War, then the Cold War with the Soviets, then Vietnam, then the Gulf War and Desert Storm, to today’s war in Afghanistan. Baby boomers have experienced in our souls constant fighting, and constant dying of young men and women before they even had a chance to really get into this game we call life. The lessons from witnessing war have been a strong impact and influence on living as a baby boomer. It makes us aware of how precious life is and yet how disconnected we humans can be from our hearts & souls. I love animals because they are still connected to their souls. Animals offer unconditional love to all, where we humans most times, offer conditioned love. I haven’t figured out yet why we can come together in times of trouble, but when things seem OK it’s every man for themselves. Being a Baby Boomer is living within the void of good and evil.

And the fighting in America itself, From the Civil Rights marching and killings, to the 60 peace marching and killings on College Campuses, to the rioting in the streets in the 70’s to the violence on the streets today, and the killings in our schools and malls.

An equally strong constant living as a baby boomer has been the change and growth in our understanding of whom we are and why we are here. We have learned much but still know little. Science & Religion are not merging as much as they are now colliding.

Change is occurring exponentially faster and faster each week it seems. If you are twenty years old now you know nothing different. Change is normal to you. For a boomer it is not normal. Life when I grew up was not necessarily better but it was slower and each day had more meaning. I feel sorry for those born into this chaos of change. They are being disconnected from their souls and from nature. All of us baby boomers and the current generations are being propelled into a world we are not prepared for and have no idea what it will be. One thing I do know for certain is we aren’t as Dorothy said in Kansas anymore.

To say the world I grew up in has changed is quite an understatement. I feel as if I’m now living in an alien world. If you are only used to what you see today you will think I’m just an old guy longing for the past and just out of touch. That is not the truth however. My statement is merely a dispassionate observation. I never want to go back to the past. I also am not caring about the future. I only want to live in the moment.

The past is not good or bad… it just is. We decide if the past, present or future is good and bad. We project our feeling of hope, or our feeling of despair on every event. Therefore while my experience will be stated as good or bad, happy or sad, they are in the end just my belief.

What I want to do in this blog is to talk to you from my soul, from my heart, and from my mind and share with you what I experienced as a baby boomer in America. For some it will be a look back to a world they only read about. To others it will be remembrances of a world they once lived in as I did.

I don’t intend to teach you how to live from this. You will draw your own knowledge from these decades. You will apply it, or misapply it to your life as you choose.

Warning: Like you I have biases. We are all hardwired for some specific beliefs and values. I am wired, for some reason I have yet to figure out, as an eternal optimist. It has been my curse and my blessing. It has been my energy to always move forward. So as much as I will express cynicism for our future, I will express hope as well. I believe that as painful as change is, life always moves forward because of it, and always for the better good of us all.

These past decades have been the most dramatic decades of change in the life of man. More things have advanced in knowledge than ever before. Some wonderful for us. Some not so.

As I write this I do not know which way we are headed as humans. To heaven or to Hell.

I’m with you on the same ride. I am enjoying watching it unfold.

Let me share with you in these blogs the experiences of living as a baby boomer in America.

  • *The Long and Winding Road” is a ballad written by Paul McCartney (credited to Lennon–McCartney). It is the tenth track on the Beatles‘ album Let It Be. It became the group’s 20th and last number-one song in the United States on 13 June 1970,[3] and was the last single released by the quartet while all four remained alive. 


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