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Bullying and the Princess Archetype

Once upon a time, a Royal Queen gave birth to a baby princess; Angels came down and gave the infant blessings. However one evil Angel set a curse that would make the princess prick her finger on a spindle of a spinning wheel and die.

But then another Angel set a magic spell on the princess that she would sleep, instead of dying, for 100 years until a prince comes and awakes her from her sleep.

At the age of 16, the princess gets her finger pricked by the spindle, and falls asleep. After 100 years, a prince hears about a beautiful princess sleeping in the castle. When the prince goes into the castle and finds the princess asleep, he kisses her, she awakes, and they fall in love with each other. The princess and the prince marry and live happily ever after.

Is this a good mythological archetype story – or a harmful archetype mythological story to teach young girls self-esteem?

Can this Prince Charming syndrome cause young boys to grow up feeling they can control or bully women?

The Princess is an archetype in mythology stories. An Archetype is a pattern of behavior, a prototype upon which we learn about ourselves. It is used to copy, or pattern our lives by. 

The princess Archetype, such as in Sleeping Beauty represents the virgin in mythology stories.

Eve, before eating of the fruit of the tree of knowledge.

And the virgin represents innocence, perfection and a potential for joy and peace ever after.

In society when the woman is no longer a virgin Princess she has lost her innocence, and has thus been transformed into the archetype for our fallen, corrupted world.

Men chase after the virgin Princess as they seek her innocence and perfection. When they finally bed her however the masculine mind now sees her as no longer virgin, no longer innocent, and he calls her whore. This is the stuff movie plots are made of!

The fallen and corrupted virgin Princess now represents the corrupted world he lives in. Man only knows how to control via violence, and so man attacks that what he once desired.

I have become somewhat of an expert on violence against women. I have come to believe the Princess Archetype is one of the primary reasons we have so much violence against women by man.

One in every four women will be violently harmed by a man in her life.

One in five girls in high school will be raped or physically assaulted by her boyfriend, and three out of four Americans know a woman who has been a victim of violent domestic violence.

We must help girls break from the outdated and weakening Princess Archetype to become independent young women with high self-esteem.

We must help our young girls unshackle the bonds and biases against women by a male dominated society.

If not, their development will be arrested, and they will be trapped in the Princess virgin role, or fallen whore role forever.

A young girl is forced by society to remain young and pretty to fit the Princess mold.

Look around, the media creates false pictures of women to sell goods. They represent the forbidden fruit in the Garden that Adam desires.

The Princess is loved only as long as she remains forever pure, innocent and sensuous. This of course cannot be. Remaining in this state is not natural to her evolution and growth as a God created human being.

A young girl cannot grow and reach her true purpose in life, remaining in this archetypal stunted Princess complex.

For a woman to become independent, and who she was meant to be, she must break through the limiting virgin Princess complex.

The princess archetype works like a powerful spell, working on an unconscious level – it forces a young girl to put parts of herself to sleep. Years later she wakes up and wonders why she doesn’t know who she is anymore. If she is lucky, she can regain the sense of her real self that she has yet to flower.

I believe that this Princess Archetype is out of date and out-of-place for today’s century. It was created centuries ago when society believed women to be inferior to men, and dependent on men for their value as a human being.

To my sensibilities as a proponent of women’s rights it is crippling to the mind of a young girl because it says she will not awaken – or become fully a person – until a man comes along and awakens her with a kiss.

This societal brainwashing in this day and age is absolutely sickening to me. 

For a young girl to come into her own being she must break through the Sleeping Beauty role. She must become independent from …her parents and society…. who are keeping her tied to their erroneous beliefs of feminine physical and dependent perfection.

 A young girl to become free must summon the inner courage to hurt those – who with good intentions but misplaced intentions keep her forever a faithful servant.

She must break away and blossom into her own self-worthiness.

Becoming her own woman and break free from her parents is the Heroine’s Journey and tension in a young woman’s life. That tension must be balanced, and used for good, to propel her along her Heroine’s Journey.

To become independent, joyful and all she can be, the Princess must take the internal path, into the depths of her soul Heroine’s Journey. It is the journey of Eve, the journey of the Princess girl to become the independent Woman Queen. To become the god within the goddess.

Personal Note: My granddaughter is 5 years old and loves everything Princess. I believe her getting all the Disney Princess things out there; movies, books, cloths, toys etc. will slow her ability to become independent.

Recently my wife and I visited an open house at our grand-daughters day care center. While taking the tour I saw this little girl’s picture and note hung proudly on her classroom wall.

They had to draw a picture and answer the question of:

What you want to be when you grow up?”

The answer from this five-year old little girl made me realize how early the Princess Archetype appears in the unconscious psyche of young girls.

It said “when I grow up I want to be a princess, because they are beautiful and everyone loves them”

While it may have made her teacher and parents proud it truly saddened me.

I am not alone in the Princess Archetype concern. In her best-selling book,” Schoolgirls” Peggy Orenstein was quoted as saying, This princess mania, many argue, leaves girls all mixed up: while they excel in school and outpace their male peers in science and math, they also obsess about Prince Charming and who has the prettiest dress, learning—from a mix of mass marketing and media—not that girls are strong, smart, or creative, but that each is a little princess of her own, judged by the beauty of her face and gown, waiting for the prince they’ve never met to fall for their beauty (not smarts) and rescue them from misery.

I believe that Malala Yousafzai, the young Pakistani school girl who was shot in the head by the Taliban is a superior type of Archetype for our young impressionable daughters to emulate than the Princess putting her life on hold till a man comes along to rescue her.

Malala is a young girl of knowledge, independence and inner beauty.

A young girl – not awaiting the rescue of an imaginary prince.

She is as independent and confident as any young prince.

Today’s young girls must be taught and supported by their parents and society to be all they can be, and whatever they choose to be.

Today’s young girls cannot sit and wait to be rescued from someone outside them.

They must be allowed to find her feminine spirit and the power of her mind.

When the Taliban men targeted Malala, trying to bully her via fear and even death they showed the world what they feared most – A young girl with a book, seeking independence from masculine dominance and seeking independence via knowledge, not sexual beauty.

Malala embodies the power of the true feminine spirit. A spirit that should not, and can not if one is strong with it be bullied.

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To my mind Malala, not Sleeping Beauty, is truly the correct female archetype role model and personal brand for our young girls to emulate.

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