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The Secret Behind Singleness of Focus & Purpose, man walking in desert
Cover of "Separate Reality"

Cover of Separate Reality

 Carlos Castaneda in – A Separate Reality says: “to get to your impossible destination, you have to focus only on the immediate point in front of you: forget everything else surrounding that point, and you will get where you are going”

That speaks to me to focus only on your current action. Stay in the moment, do not gaze to the right, nor look to the left or you will become distracted. Do not look to the goal or you will be afraid you will not make it. Do not look behind, the past is no more. Do not let it draw you backwards. Focus solely on the present moment, the single next action at hand. Move slowly and deliberately until you ultimately cross the threshold. Fear is only in the past or the future but not in the moment. In the moment there is no fear only action and success.


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