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Malala and why do things happen in our life?

Come my friend have a seat. Let’s talk again about the meaning of life.

2 cups tea

Would you care for a cup of tea? I am going to have a cup. I think today Ill have a chamomile as it calms my mind. Some days I have a strong black tea especially in the morning as it wakens my mind and makes it sharp as a razor. But now I just want to be relaxed and explore today’s meanings.

There was a young girl who was on her way to school with her friends. Things happened and a man shot her in the head. Why you ask. Because he did not want her to go to school. Strange reason you say…strange indeed I say.

So let’s now get to why do things happen in our life. What if there was no real reason why things happen in life? Or what if there was a reason for everything that happens?

Do we really know which one is the answer to that? I mean do we really, really know the answer to that, or do we create answers based on our own thinking.

Back to the girl and the bus and the man. The girl was Malala. So now we know the story of who did it to her and why? Or do we? Was there a mystical big picture reason for that to happen? Or did it just happen?

What major things have happened in your Life? Was there a meaning? A meaning you know? A meaning you do not know? Or just no meaning?



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