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Top 2 Ways to Get What You Desire From life

Top 2 Ways to Get What You Desire From life

1.     Focus on what you want.

2.     Don’t focus on what you don’t want.


Negative thoughts affect us: they have proven to severely narrow our thinking and our focus. Focusing on the negative; the thing we don’t want, actually brings it into our life. What we focus on we get…good or bad.

Negative thoughts and words shut our minds off to opportunities or new ideas. Neuroscience has proven what Tony Robbins, Napoleon Hill’s Think & Grow Rich and countless other Success Coaches have said for years: Negative thought emotions are biological instincts programmed into our subconscious minds to help us survive. For example, if we were to come across a dangerous animal in the wild, the negative emotions of fear and anxiety would narrow our focus so that all we could think about was running away to not becoming that animal’s dinner. This unconscious thought reflex to danger helped us to more efficiently focus our energy and mental functions towards survival, without wasting our actions and thoughts on unnecessary thinking.

This same unconscious mind focusing ability functions within our subconscious mind structure today. Today however allowing negative thought emotions to narrow our thinking can be harmful however.

  • It can make us less open.
  • More stubborn, closed-minded.
  • More arrogant, and more difficult to communicate with.
  • More fearful of change.
  • It will stifle creative ideas to help you become more fulfilled, make more money, or have better relationships.
  •  Our Subconscious minds only move towards what we want.
  •  Our subconscious literally does not process negative.

coscious mind

Neuroscience and psychiatry show that negative thoughts like “don’t drink” or “don’t eat that,” do not register in our subconscious mind. The subconscious takes up 88% of our thinking. Negative thoughts only register in our Neo Cortex, or newer mind, the Conscious Mind. The Conscious Mind makes up only 12% of our processing power however. Therefore unless you get your Conscious mind to focus on the “don’t” part of the sentence our subconscious mind automatically skips over the negative “don’t” word and hears “drink” or “eat.” Because of that primal survival instincts built-in our Subconscious Mind, it reacts immediately to single words like, Run, Fight, Fire, versus don’t run, or not fire.

So, starting right now: talk only to yourself and others in thoughts and words of “what you want” for today and for the future.

Mother Teresa was quoted as saying when asked to join an “anti- WAR” rally she said that, “She would not join it unless it was changed to a “PEACE” rally”. Seems she intuitively knew to only talk and think about what she wanted, and not talk or think about the outcome she did not want. That is probably why she achieved and attracted so much good into her life, despite the absolute negative environment she lived and worked in all her life.

I read about a Study at the University of North Carolina where one of our sons attended that positive emotions are much more likely to focus us to plan ahead and think of actions and outcomes we desire than negative thought emotions of what we did not want to happen.

People who want to make money and focus on the “making money” make money. People who worry and focus on “loosing” money lose money. Do you think about “making” something or “loosing” something?  We get what we wish for. Be careful how you phrase your words. Remember the subconscious does not recognize negative qualifier words.

I founded a non-profit animal welfare organization. Before I realized the impact of talking about what you want, versus talking about what you don’t want our mission statement was. “End the killing of shelter dogs” That mission caused us to narrowly focus on the word “killing”. I did not want killing to continue yet our thoughts always were on the bad part, the killing part.

Since learning to focus only on what I want to achieve, we have changed our Mission Statement. Now our Mission Statement says what we want; not what we don’t want. Our Mission Statement is now. “A loving home for all Americas Shelter Dogs”. Now our thoughts focus on finding homes and getting dogs adopted, the outcome we want. And, the bonus is that thinking about what we want, is much more fun than thinking about what we don’t want.

How to change your thinking.

To change your thinking to only say what you want you need to train your mind pattern of thought. You do this by talking and thinking only that which you want in your life. Now that we know how beneficial thinking about what you want, not about what you do not want to happen, let’s look at some ways of building a habit of being positive.

ENVIRONMENT: To change your future, change your environment along with your thoughts. Changing one without the other will hold you back from moving forward to the goals and the future you want to experience. Alter your environment the environment we try to build new habits in (or break old ones, even) has a huge effect on how successful we are. Environment in this case includes three primary aspects,

  1. The people we spend time with
  2. The messages we hear or tell ourselves
  3. Our physical environment.

The trick here is to ensure your environment is as conducive to you growing new thoughts and new habits. 

Here are 16 specific suggestions to create and cultivate a new environment. 

  1. Hang out with people who are doing the habit, work, or life you want.
  2. If there are people around you who don’t do the habit you want to do, talk to them about what you’re trying to do, and ask for their help. Ask them to support you, and not rag on you all the time for changing.
  3. Change friends if they do not really fully support you.
  4. Join a supportive community online who are doing the things you want to do. Join a Meet-Up Group with interests that you want to achieve.
  5. Start networking in person with groups and associations that do what you want to do successfully.
  6. Read blogs and books that inspire you to the future you want.
  7. Start journaling or writing a blog about the subject of your new life. If you want to be an artist write about famous artist for example.
  8. Have positive reminders all around you.
  9. Create a public challenge for yourself; to create accountability. To start my Vegan lifestyle diet I wrote a long blog post saying what I was going to do, why I was doing it and when I wanted to be fully vegan. It allowed good thoughts and support to flow to me with encouraging thoughts and friends.
  10. Have a habit partner you report to each day, and make a vow never to miss. I coach people in transition to a new career or lifestyle. They need positive support and creative ideas to get them to their new life. We cannot make this transition alone. We need a coach or support partner who will not enable you to stay where you are, but kindly push you forward.
  11. Fill your work space with positive sayings or images.
  12. Start reading books about the mind and its power.
  13. Read books that encourage positive thinking
  14. Take note of 1 positive moment every day. Noticing the positive things that happen in your everyday life has been proven to increase your positive thinking. A study of undergrad students had half of them write about positive experiences for three consecutive days. The second half wrote about topics that didn’t affect their emotions. After three months, the study found that the students who had written about positive experiences had better mood levels and fewer illnesses.
  15. Write down (or share with someone) three things you’re grateful for at the end of each day.
  16. 16.  Sit quiet in a chair for 10 minutes before you go to work and 10 minutes before you go to bed. Think of nothing but what you want to achieve and what your life will be like when you get there. If negative thoughts float up just let them float away and go back to thinking what you want. Eventually as you train your mind this will be a great energy charger for you.



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