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How To Align Work & Life

Living a balanced life is not easy today but it can be if you align what you do with who you are!

heart money

What happens when a very intelligent person, who is both left brain and right brain; who likes to learn and grow and solve difficult new things, and express themselves through art, and does not like to do the same thing over and over again do for a living.

If they are creative can they do non-creative work and still be joyful every day?

  1. Would creating one of a kind art pieces, be their right vocation?
  2. Or would becoming an accountant be their vocation?

What happens when their vocation is not in alignment with their heart and mind?

  1. Will they be joyful each day?
  2. Will they be physically and emotionally healthy?
  3. Will they be satisfied with themselves?

For 45 years my life was out of balance. I focused on achieving material things and satisfying my own emotional needs. I build the American Dream. But eventually that imbalance brought me down. My creative and serving others heart had been hidden. My self serving mind had been primary. Finally all came crashing down and my heart literally started to die. What happened is in my blog:

The point of this is to let you know that we must in this lifetime learn to live in balance. You must follow your heart and not your head. Your life here and your life after here depends on it.

We love to learn. Please share your thoughts on this subject?

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