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5 Traits of Successful Small Business Entrepreneurial Leaders

Entrepreneurial Small Business Leaders are in the business of changing the world. And they earn every dollar that comes with it. They have a vision and put their time and money at risk, and thereby make our lives fuller and better. And for that the Government says thank you, wants to tax them to the max, regulate them, stifle their creativity and call them selfish…go figure.

monopoly man

  The 5 Traits of Entrepreneurial Leaders

1.Entrepreneurial Leaders Have a Vision  

They have an internal Vision of where they want to be and fearlessly and deliberately move towards it. Leaders by definition lead. Look at the animals and learn. Animals survive by living in packs or herds.

They do not second guess themselves, or look to others for direction. The smartest Buffalo in the Herd lead. The next group in the herd, (the majority} lack a vision and therefore for survival follow the leaders. They eat a lot of dust by following. The last group  in the herd are the stragglers. They are not aware  enough to follow. They wander around, get separated and fall behind the buffalo herd. Sadly they are the wolf’s dinner. Survival of the mentally fittest is always in play.

2.  Entrepreneurial Leaders Are Continually Curious

We do not move forward in business or in life if we are not curious. We do not succeed if we are afraid to see what is ahead or around the corner. Hope generates life. Fear causes death. . We would not have the technology revolution if Bill Gates was not curious about what life would be like if every desk had a computer on it. Are you curious about your industry or product or service? Curious enough to change or improve it?

 3. Entrepreneurial Leaders Are Continuous Learners

They read, think and continuously expand their thinking and knowledge. An active mind is a growing mind. Our minds and our thinking define us and our success in business and life. Napoleon Hill in Think & Grow Rich studied the world’s richest entrepreneurial leaders of the Industrial Age and found that the common thread was they knew how to use their minds. neuroscience now knows that what they did was harness the thinking power in their neocortex to overcome the negative emotional pull of their emotional and at times irrational limbic brain system. When we are stuck in the crazy 8 loop of the limbic brain we are always in a constant crazy 8 loop of flight or fight. When we use our modern neocortex brain we move above the irrational limbic mind thinking and control our decisions and choices.

4. Entrepreneurial Leaders Constantly Question the Accepted Reasoning.

They always ask questions like …Why? Why do we do it this way? They always ask What If? What if I added this to that…what would happen?

Most products are not new they are simply adding two different things into a new combination. The I Phone is still a phone…but now it is also a computer, camera, word processor, text machine etc. Why because entrepreneurs questioned the status quo, asked curious questions, took the lead, took the risk, thought big and changed our lives. 

5. Entrepreneurial Leaders Possess a Healthy Selfishness

 Aristotle and Ayn Rand, although thousand of years apart had something in common. They were both far ahead of their time in objective thinking. Both understood that the highest human achievement was being self-reliant and having a healthy self-interest. Sadly the world today thinks the opposite. Entrepreneurs are considered greedy, and being self-reliant is considered selfish and untrustworthy.

Entrepreneurs are focused on a goal and pursue it. They create wealth for themselves and lift up others in our world as they achieve their vision. Where we used to celebrate that American work initiative now it is treated as something unfair. Many want success…even if they have to take it from others. 

Success Cannot be taken, it can only be earned.



Seven years ago I survived a terminal illness and was given a miraculous new chance at life. And with that the opportunity to step back and examine our purpose for being here. That self-examination led me to the revelation that the highest good we can do while here is reach our highest potential by becoming thinking reasoning beings. And with that ability to reach for our highest aspirations, and help others reach their’s as well, on this amazing journey called life.
We help entrepreneurs to reach the pinnacle of success in business and life. Working smart is the key to entrepreneurial success today. Thinking and reasoning is our highest human faculty that operates by means of perceptual observation and conceptual abstraction and our five senses.Thinking and reasoning is our means of understanding the world, ourselves, and our needs. We help you reach your pinnacle of success via coaching, mastermind groups, mentoring and workshops. We help you work on your business and not get stuck working in it.





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