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Luke Skywalker and the Meaning of Your Life


In my blog last November I wrote about the 18 steps some of us take to find out who we are and why we are here. It is the 18 steps of The Heros Journey, by Joseph Campbell. Here is the link to it

I am writing this blog today because I am struggling. I am struggling to return from my outward journey. It has taken me seven years to get to this point – from when I died my spiritual ego death as outlined in the 18 steps. I have just this week crossed into stage 4 below:

#4. The Crossing of the Return Threshold
This is a difficult part. The re-entry. The Hero/Heroine must hold onto the enlightenment gained on the quest and carry it back with him and integrate it into his new perception of reality and dream. He has to figure out how to share his enlightenment and new opposite truths about life with the material focused world. How can he convey the Mystery? Why even try? Most in the daily working world do not want it.

The Return Home from the Journey

1.Refusal of the Return
Everything has been won. The Man is now a King, the Woman a Queen. The Hero sees the world in a different light. He or she sees the world…a dream for what it is…a mirage. Why come back? He thinks perhaps to just live his remaining earthly time out at peace each day, and not get back on the imaginary game of striving. He knows striving is not needed. Living in the present moment is pure bliss and all needed.j

2.The Magic Flight. Despite his awakening transformation the Hero somehow knows he must come back. The return is as full of peril as was the outward trek.

3.Rescue from Without
Just as the Hero needed mentors and allies on the Journey outward he will need magical and powerful allies to bring him back home safely to the Ordinary World.

4.The Crossing of the Return Threshold
The re-entry into the day-to-day world again. After the curtain has been drawn open and you see the illusions of life shown it is impossible to play the part any longer. This has been  a very difficult re-entry on my journey.  It is hard to  hold onto the enlightenment gained on the quest and carry it back and integrate it into my life. I have had to grapple with the desire to just stay above the drama of everyday life and the opposite desire to share what I learned about the true meaning of life. I have had to figure out how to share  enlightenment about the  opposite truths about life with others. How can I convey the Mystery? Why even try? Most in the Ordinary World do not want it.

5.Master of the Two Worlds
In ancient myth, this step is represented by a spiritual hero like Jonas or  in modern myth a Luke Skywalker or an Indiana Jones . While I am neither of these characters the journey has none the less been difficult and rewarding at the same time.

For me mastering the two worlds is trying to live a balance between the physical and mental realms. Between “Being” and “Doing” The balance is to be in both the internal and external world at the same time; being and serving.

Learning to live in balance, without fear of death or of life, and no longer needing to please others is the reward of the Journey. The returned Hero of the Heros Journey now know’s death is not real. He knows that life is ENERGY, and therefore never dies, it just changes form. Today I am Steve, next time I will still be me, but with a different form of energy and different name. But I, and you will always be who we  are…imortal energy…Life’s life force.

One now lives in the moment and is now not alone but is one with all…himself, God, nature, animal and eternity. Unus mundus.

We love to learn. Please share your thoughts on this subject?

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