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The Heroine’s Journey…..from young virgin Princess to wise old Crone

The Heroine’s Journey starts as a young virgin princess and culminates as the wise old Crone.



The Heroine’s journey is the story all women travel in this physical existence:

In essence the Heroine’s Journey is a personal search for enlightenment. The Heroines goal is to journey inward journey, as opposed to an outward journey her counterpart, the Heroes Journey takes. Her purpose is to free herself from her mother, father and societies restrictions, and find her sexuality, joy and inner wisdom, and then highest self; her spirituality.

The Princess must define her own selfs life’s purpose and value’s, not those of her family. She must find her own self-worth; not the values and worth imposed on her from her family and society..

She must avoid the Ophelia trap; depending on her father for love and security. She must also reconcile her relationship with her mother that has trapped her in a subjected role..

Along the journey the Heroine will face challenges and wage battles that appear to be outside her world, but in truth all will be inside her, from her own making, in her journey to become a balanced individual and Goddess. She will progress along life’s wondrous path from dependent child, forward to the integrated, confident and creative adult, and  finally to arrive as the enlightened, wise and giving elder.

In a spiritual sense she starts out in the first act in this play of life, as the child Girl – the Virgin Princess. 

In the second act she portrays the strong independent woman.

And finally in the third act of life, hopefully finishing her inward journey to enlightenment, she awakens as the Wise Old Crone. She then realizes this earthly journey has all been a play. A passion play to reach enlightenment. If she has become enlightened she has learned that she is one with God, nature all all beings. Knowing this she can relinquish attachments to this world and upon death she goes back home, never needing to incarnate in human form again.


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